Ensuring the Safety of our Customers and Employees.

As the effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to expand, we feel it is important express to our customers
about what we are doing at Harry’s Stores and all Harry’s Stores partner and sister stores to ensure our guest,
customers and team members stay healthy and safe with the recent outbreak. We are closely monitoring the
latest reports from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) and local government offices of the cities where we
operate. The health and wellness of our customers and employees is our top priority.
We are staying informed and taking measures to keep our customers informed as well. We are assessing and
augmenting facilities cleaning process in accordance with recommendation from the CDC. We have added
hand sanitizer to the front of the stores at all registers. As well as sanitizing wipes near all workstations and
counters so that employees can keep them continuously cleaned. Training employees to maintain good
personal hygiene as well as insuring stores are disinfected regularly.
We encourage everyone to use non-contact methods of greetings, clean hands often, cover your nose and
mouth when you cough or sneeze and avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.
If you are sick, we do ask that you please stay home. We also encourage our employees to stay home if they
are sick as well. For the convenience of our customers who are sick, or who may feel the need to stay home
for prevention matters, we are partnered with UberEats, Door Dash, and Postmates in several of our gas
station locations. For liquor store customers, we are partnered with Errand Runners, and Grub South who can
deliver to customers in Chattanooga, TN.
Per the CDC recommendations, we will also be pausing all use of refillable cups for foundation and coffee
purchases temporarily.
As the situation continues to change, we will remain vigilant and continue to monitor the situation and any
updates. We are grateful for your loyalty and are committed to providing you with a great experience.

Harry’s Stores