About Us

Gas Station

We provide our customers with the highest quality of fuel at the lowest prices. Each of Harry’s Gas station, carefully designed to be spacious, is equipped with numerous refueling stations so that you can hit the road as soon as possible.

Convience Stores

At Harry’s, we believe our guests deserve fresh, quality products whenever they visit. We continually stock fresh items, so you have the best assortment for your morning and afternoon visits.

Tobacco and Beverage

Harry’s is a low price leader in Tennessee for Beer and Cigarettes. Choose from the biggest beer selection in Tennessee at your nearest Harry’s today!

This Is Who We Are

Harry’s is a family owned chain of convenience stores spread across Tennessee and Georgia. After Harry Patel started the first store in Cleveland, Tennessee, he was joined by his brother in this business. Since then, the family has expanded Harry’s to over 40+ stores in the last 30 years. The legacy created by the Patel family is now in the hands of its second generation.

Everyone associated with Harry’s is committed to serve each customer that walks into their store with exceptional customer service and the finest products. Rather its a cup of coffee, cheap gas, beer, or cigarettes at the lowest prices, we, at Harry’s aim to cater to the needs of each customer individually while building lasting relationships.

Giving Back to the Community

At Harry’s, we believe that we owe all our progress to our dedicated customers. It is not only a privilege, but also a duty for us to serve the community. We regularly engage in activities through which we can contribute to those around us meaningfully. Recently, we carried out a drive, “Help Harry’s fuel education”. As a part of this initiative, we forwarded a certain part of  gas sales at Harry’s CITGO Spirit Pumps and raised money for schools in our locality.